WP9 FYFA expert meeting 21 May 2019, Warsaw

The round table of policy discussions regarding FYFA project deliverables to date and guidelines for youth sport clubs related to underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking, took place in Warsaw on 21 May.

It gathered 9 experts and 6 collaborating partners. PARPA was the responsible partner and the host of the roundtable discussions.

Exchange of knowledge and good practice is needed as the objective of FYFA is to contribute towards efforts to reduce alcohol related harm with special focus on youth drinking and on heavy episodic drinking.

The scope and purpose of the exchange of knowledge and good practice within the FYFA project is; (1) to bring together scientists, alcohol and health experts, decision makers to build capacity to improve health (2) promote networking and coalition building between and within the European countries (3) promote and disseminate the newest knowledge in the field of alcohol policy (4) share good practice from relevant EC co-financed projects (5) present cost effective interventions in the relevant areas of alcohol policy (6) ensure alcohol policy is high on the agenda for elected political leadership within the European Institutions and Member States.

The Final project conference in 2020 will serve as the ultimate platform for exchange of knowledge and good practice within the scope of the FYFA project. The Warsaw meeting was by invitation only, as its purpose was to take stock and guide the project further.

Some experts provided short presentations.

STAD in Europe project was presented as well as a good practice example.


co-funded by health programme

co-funded by health programme

co-funded by Scottish Government

Co-funded by the Scottish Government

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