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WP1 Project Partners meeting in Rome, March 2018

Second partners meeting took place in Rome in March 2018. Special guest Johana Gripenberg presented the STAD project.

Exchange of information between FYFA and STAD project, early in the life cycle of FYFA, will allow for timely exchange of good practice.  STAD project was focusing on alcohol and nightlife, baseline goal was to examine if serving to intoxicated people was a problem. Tools used were: community mobilisation, policy change, involvement of licencing boards, involvement of police etc. It was a multi-component intervention, including training for nightlife staff, monitoring (test purchasing by actors) and enforcement.

Participants found the project very impressive in its results. However, it was noted that success was a result of a number of factors and spillover effect was also observed.

Results from the project are published and available on the website.


co-funded by health programme

co-funded by health programme

co-funded by Scottish Government

Co-funded by the Scottish Government

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