Focus on Youth, Football & Alcohol

FYFA is a joint initiative aiming to reduce underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking among young people, as both strongly affect the health and welfare of Europe’s population.

Excluding tobacco and caffeine, alcohol is the psychoactive substance used most by young people in the European Union. Underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking of alcohol is of particular concern in Europe because it is related to the health and welfare of the population. A number of studies have linked alcohol use by young people to various problems, both short and long term.


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Lead by Romtens

WP3 will evaluate FYFA's implementation, using predefined objectives. Aspects identified as hindering or advancing implementation will be fed back to partners. WP3 will produce an evaluation plan, as well as an interim and final evaluation report.



Lead by SHAAP

WP4 will review policies and practices relating to young people, alcohol and international sport – and gather evidence of best practices. WP4 will also interview high-level stakeholders and alcohol industry representatives. Deliverables will include a protocol review, interviews and a report of the findings.

WP4 International Review Report



Lead by ISS

The aim of the WP5 was to determine the status quo of the policies and practices to reduce heavy episodic drinking related to under age people, alcohol and sport at national level. 

The final report presents the findings from the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of experts from sport settings across the countries, and from the health prevention area on alcohol consumption and alcohol related harms and sports and youth.
This also provides insights on the perceived obstacles to promote strategies aimed at reducing alcohol related harm with a special focus on youth drinking. Out of the results drawn in the report the main conclusions are the following:

1.The 4 most influential target audiences in sports settings for initiatives to be activated to prevent alcohol harms to youth are players, coaches/training staff, spectators/fans and bar staff.

2.The sporting setting itself has added value to promote healthy lifestyles, including activities to prevent alcohol-related harms to the most vulnerable population target: young people.

3.Despite the presence of laws and regulations to protect young people from alcohol harms, there is an overall low level of knowledge and enforcement, at national level and in sports settings.

4.There is the need of cooperation across organisations to implement alcohol policies for youth.

With reference to sports settings, more efforts and resources are needed to overcome the main obstacles for effective implementation of alcohol policy, that are the lack of regulations on alcohol advertising and sponsorship, bar staff training, alcohol consumption policies, knowledge on alcohol related-harms and monitoring controls of sporting bodies by the government. 



Lead by VAD

WP6 will review local policies and practices related to young people, sport, and alcohol in six local youth sports clubs in six Member States – Belgium, Finland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the UK. WP6 will interview 6 senior managers at each local youth club and present the findings in a report.



Lead by EHYT

WP7 will conduct semi-structured interviews with 4 young men and 4 young women each from 6 Member States (Belgium, Finland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the UK) about alcohol and reducing alcohol-related risks and harms. A report will compile the findings of the interviews.



Lead by SHAAP

WP8 will see the production of a video summarising the interviews conducted in Finland, Italy and the UK about the interviewees’ exposure to alcohol marketing, their attitudes and behaviours in relation to alcohol and what they would consider to be effective practice.



Lead by PARPA

WP9 will promote the exchange of knowledge and good practices between and within European countries, and to raise awareness of alcohol related harm amongst policy-makers. To that end WP9 will deliver a roundtable, guidelines and a conference.


Latest news


Presentations from Warsaw meeting are now available

The round table of policy discussions regarding FYFA project deliverables to date and guidelines for youth sport clubs related to underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking, took place in Warsaw on 21 May.

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FYFA filming took place in Finland

Football juniors’ thoughts about alcohol were recorded on video in Finland on 6th August 2019 as part of FYFA project. The aim of the videos is to engage young people, who are involved in sports, in the European debate on alcohol policy and to help in the planning of education.

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Do alcohol and sports always go together? What is your message to young people as a coach or as a parent?

FYFA-PROJECT asks these questions to Helsinki Cup participants

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SHAAP is a proud sponsor of Scottish Womens Football

Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) has launched their newest sponsorship agreement with Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP). They will be the named sponsor of the National Performance League and NPL Cup, the elite level for girls’ club football in Scotland, for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

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Final toolkit

Final conference



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co-funded by health programme

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